Child Custody Attorney Newaygo

Gordon & Hess, PLC concentrates on solving family law matters with the best possible outcome for our clients. Whether it is preserving wealth, acquiring security or protecting children, our Newaygo firm will work hard to achieve the goals of our clients. We understand your finances, your children and your future is at stake.

Let Gordon & Hess, PLC exceed your expectations as a Newaygo family law firm. Our firm has helped many clients throughout the Newaygo area achieve the best possible result in their child custody matter. We understand how stressful this situation is and that is why we always aim to alleviate any additional stresses and help you attain a favorable outcome.

Reduce the stress of your family law matter by hiring a Newaygo family attorney. Gordon & Hess, PLC believes that family law issues do not have to result in contentious legal battles in the courtroom. With the right representation, your family can be prepared for this next chapter of life and whatever it may bring.

The attorneys at Gordon & Hess, PLC approach every case with experience, skill, and compassion. We know that family law matters can be difficult to face and we can help you get through it. Newaygo clients have trusted Gordon & Hess, PLC to handle their child custody matters for many years. Contact the professionals today at (616) 272-3331.

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