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After many years of successfully representing clients throughout Grand Rapids and West Michigan the attorneys at Gordon & Hess, PLC have learned first-hand that the real keys to success are found in honesty, integrity, experience and dedication.

These 4 fundamentals are essential for any qualified and trustworthy law firm and they are the same 4 principles that Gordon & Hess, PLC promises to offer their clients.

Clients of Gordon & Hess, PLC can expect and will receive a complete and honest assessment of their particular set of circumstances from the start. It is important that all facts are known and all options are explored.

It is also important that the client is fully informed of their legal rights, the applicable laws that pertain to their set of circumstances and that they are given an opportunity to decide the course of action that is undertaken.

The attorneys at Gordon & Hess, PLC have made careers of fighting for their clients and dedicating themselves to the case at hand. Clients of Gordon & Hess, PLC will never be treated as just another billable hour.

Clients of Gordon & Hess, PLC can expect and will receive the understanding that they deserve while also receiving an experienced legal professional and an aggressive advocate on their behalf from the beginning of their case till the end.

Clients who choose the attorneys at Gordon & Hess, PLC to assist them during life’s most challenging times can be assured to receive high quality legal representation. Time is of the essence and the attorneys of Gordon & Hess, PLC are ready to join your side of battle and protect your rights.

Please reach out to the office of Gordon & Hess, PLC and schedule a free face to face ½ hour confidential consultation with our Grand Rapids attorney team.


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  • Louis W.

    I strongly recommend Gordon & Hess to anyone who needs a divorce lawyer. Haven’t lost a case yet. They know family law very well and know what each of the judges like and do not like during cases so you’ll be able to strategize best for your cause!

  • Lester C.

    I was married in 2008. Wife and kids seemed happy. In 2011 Wife started not coming home at night and left me for another man. Wife filed for divorce on me. Brian took the case and I am happy to say that I received much more then what I was expecting. It was great work by Brian. I highly recommend Attorney Brian Gordon and his law firm.

  • Greg C.

    Dan represented me in a very drawn out divorce case. I found him to be an excellent attorney. Dan is great at what he does. He is fair, on time, kept me abreast of everything that was going on and we had very open communication. I was extremely happy with the results before, during, and after trial. He was very well prepared and most of all he fought for me!

  • James M.

    I have retained the services of Attorney Brian Gordon several times throughout the years. On every occasion he has demonstrated his knowledge and understanding of the law. Options and strategies were always identified and discussed. As a divorce attorney, Mr. Gordon had my alimony payments dismissed. He defended me as a criminal lawyer and had potentially nasty domestic charges reduced to a minor infraction. I now have custody of my oldest child because of the efforts Brian Gordon has put forth as a family attorney. His negotiation skills have also saved me from unnecessary litigation more than once. I consider legal consultation with Mr. Gordon to be a wise investment.